Colour My World

When Joico recently announced that they were launching new colours to add to their Color Intensity range, I was more than a little bit excited but when I found out that they are metallic colours... that is next level!

The Metallic Muse Collection released January 2017.

Taking inspiration from liquid metal tones, the collection features...

Moonstone, Violet, Bronze, Mauve Quartz and Pewter.

I predict a trend!

If you’re thinking of transitioning into a metallic muse here is a bit of info for you...

P.S This is a job for the pros.

Preparation- Treatment, Treatment, Treatment.

Your hair needs to be in the best condition possible as this range is smoky and muted which means if you want the true tone, your hair will first need to be lightened to a platinum blonde, clean white, no yellow tone. (Level 10)

Olaplex or Cureplex is highly recommended as the healthier your hair is the more reflection of shine you will have, your hair will literally look like liquid.

Pro Tip- Take the lightening stage slowly, better to achieve the desired blonde tone in a few processes all the while keeping the integrity as the priority, rather than sacrificing hair health (and possibly length) to achieve metallic in one go, the colour will not have the same desired effect if it is not healthy and shiny.

Maintenance- Washing your hair with cold water is a must, cold water will maintain the longevity of your new colour.

The Metallic Muse Collection colours are designed to last up to 15 washes.

I cannot wait to get my hands on them, have a play and see what we can create.

What Metallic hue should we try first?

Image Source: Joico Facebook Page